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Known Limitations

 Unsupported 16-bit Files: Resource Tuner Console does not work with NE and other 16-bit files. It exclusively supports 32-bit and 64-bit files, and there are no plans to add support for 16-bit program files.

 No .NET Resource Handling: Currently, Resource Tuner Console does not handle .NET resources in managed assemblies. It is compatible only with unmanaged 32-bit and 64-bit PE files.

 Limitations with Protected or Compressed Executables: RTC does not work with protected or heavily compressed executable files, except for UPX-compressed files. If your target files were packed by third-party protectors that encrypt data and resources to prevent reverse engineering, manual unpacking is required before modification. Resource Tuner Console respects the security attempts of other software authors.

Resource Tuner Console ships with the UPX Unpacker plug-in, which is used for unpacking files compressed with UPX (see https://upx.github.io).

 Limited Support for Self-Test Protection: Resource Tuner Console does not work with applications that have built-in self-tests to verify if they have been tampered with. RTC does not attempt to bypass or circumvent such protection systems.

Functionality Currently NOT Supported

 Copying Icon, Cursor, Icon Group, and Cursor Group Resources with Another Language: The CopyResource procedure does not support creating copies of these resources with different languages.

 Manipulation of Menu, Dialog, and RC Data Resources: Due to the visual nature of GUI elements such as Menu, Dialog, and RC Data resources, Resource Tuner Console currently does not support any manipulation of these resources.

Despite these limitations, Resource Tuner Console remains a powerful tool for resource editing, offering extensive functionality for 32-bit and 64-bit PE files, making it a valuable asset for developers and product owners.


Resource Tuner Console includes a collection of sample scripts that showcase the basic functionality and various features available in the tool. After installing Resource Tuner Console, you can access the sample scripts in the Demo folder located within the RTC installation directory. This Demo folder contains 12 subdirectories, each housing different script examples and sample executable files.

All the provided sample scripts are ready to run. To execute a sample script, simply select one of the .BAT files located within the respective "Demo" folders. When executed, the script will apply changes to the test EXE file. The resulting modified file will be created in a directory named "Release", located under the directory that contains the script.

Check out the samples to get an idea of what Resource Tuner Console can do for you.

The Complete Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide To Using Scripts


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