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Definition Files

Definition files in Resource Tuner Console (RTC) serve as optional external files used to define and represent string and numeric literal values for constants with semantic names in the target executable file. These files provide a structured approach to managing and referencing specific values within the resource editing process.

Definition files are plain text files, and you can create them using any ASCII text editor. To create a definition file, save it with any desired file extension. The syntax for defining constants in the definition file is as follows:

#define   ItemName  ItemValue


Example of Definition File
#define str_EntryNumber1 1
#define str_EntryNumber2 2
#define my_headerID      65406

For Delphi developers, RTC supports .DRC files generated by the Delphi Pascal Compiler. These files contain compiler-generated resources bound to the produced executable. If the Detailed Map option was enabled in Delphi (Delphi Menu Project Options Linker Tab Map File select the "detailed" radio), the .DRC files would also contain all strings with corresponding IDs.

Definition files enhance the flexibility of your resource editing tasks, allowing you to use meaningful semantic names for constants and ensuring more efficient and organized resource manipulation.

For greater detail, refer to the Edit Strings sample script available in the RTC Scripting Language Reference within the Resource Tuner Console package. This sample script can serve as a helpful template to create your custom scripts based on the definition file approach.


Resource Tuner Console provides a comprehensive set of examples that illustrate the basic functionality and various features available in the tool. Upon installing Resource Tuner Console, you will find the Demo Scripts folder nested within the RTC installation directory. This "Demo" folder contains 12 subdirectories, each featuring script examples and sample executable files.

All the provided sample scripts are ready to run. To execute a sample script, simply select one of the .BAT files located within the respective "Demo" folders. When executed, the script will apply changes to the test EXE file. The resulting modified file will be created in a directory named "Release", which resides in the same directory as the script.

Check out the samples to get an idea of what Resource Tuner Console can do for you.

The Complete Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide To Using Scripts


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