Heaventools Software. Tools for Disassembly and Reverse Engineering of 32/64-bit Windows EXE and DLL Files.

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Solutions For Software Developers, Security And Forensic Specialists.

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ResTuner Console 2.24
Maintenance update.
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Resource Tuner 2.24
Maintenance update.
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FlexHex 2.70
Maintenance update.
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Since 2000, Heaventools Software has been developing and marketing software developers' tools, with specialization in the portable executable (PE) file format and malware analysis. In addition to PE Explorer, we also offer Resource Tunerthat makes it simple to view, edit, and replace icons, strings, bitmaps, version information, and any other resources in 32- and 64-bit Windows programs; Resource Tuner Console, a program to instantly change icons and strings in compiled EXE or DLL files from the command line; and FlexHex Hex Editor, an application for browsing and hex editing binary data in any files, logical devices, and physical drives.