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Heaventools Solutions Overview

For Developers

If you are a software developer or a solutions architect looking for an effective way to inspect, edit or protect Windows executable files, Heaventools has development tools designed to meet your specific needs.

For Security Specialists

Security specialists will appreciate the ability to study malware without fear of contaminating their corporate network. Leveraging the power of PE Explorer Disassembler, they can rapidly analyze the procedures and libraries a malware executable uses without ever activating the executable itself — a great advantage over debuggers where malicious code needs to be run to be analyzed.

For Business

IT professionals worldwide choose Heaventools products for exceptional file analysis and robust editing tools. Resource editing solutions help our customers streamline product release processes through more efficient product data management, reduced design cycle, and accelerated time to market.

For Home Users

Longing to have a personal touch on your favorite application? Looking for a program that would let you change the menu text and some of the graphics in another program that you use frequently? What better way than with Resource Tuner, a resource editing solution you can use now.