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Technical Support Policy

At Heaventools, our commitment is to provide you and your team with exceptional service that aligns with world-class standards. Our aim is to assist you in overcoming technical challenges and ensuring the seamless operation of Heaventools technologies to deliver optimal software solutions to you.

Basic Technical Support

Basic technical support is available to all users at no cost, accessible via email communication. This service addresses technical inquiries related to the use of Heaventools products during the evaluation period.

Please note that while we are dedicated to assisting, we are unable to teach basic programming skills, describe standard software practices, or develop custom solutions on your behalf.

Please be aware that our free technical support policy is subject to change without prior notice. Furthermore, reserve the right to discontinue free support for users whom we perceive to be unreasonable or abusive, or whose difficulties extend beyond the scope of our software products.

Standard Technical Support

Our standard technical support service is available only for customers who have purchased a valid license for the product. With the license purchase, you gain access to standard technical support, free software updates, and maintenance releases for a period of 12 months starting from the date of purchase.

Please note that the scope of standard technical support corresponds to the features of the software version you are employing. Should an issue be resolvable through an upgrade to a more recent version, we will encourage you to upgrade rather than providing support for an older version.

Standard technical support extends solely to the original purchaser or licensee of the software. In instances where your enterprise experiences changes in ownership, management, or primary software users that necessitate re-training of new users on basic functionality, we may require a new license to be purchased in order to continue support.

Our standard technical support is accessible through email or a web-based contact form and includes the following assistance:

Answering Questions

Our team addresses technical queries pertaining to the use and management of Heaventools products. You can submit questions via email or the web-based support form, and we endeavor to provide responses within 2 business days.

Please be aware that we do not provide phone or live chat support. In the event of encountering an issue with Heaventools products, kindly initiate a support ticket via email or the web-based form.

It's important to note that our scope of support does not extend to third-party applications or operating systems. We also do not offer basic computer operational guidance or software development assistance. If such guidance is needed, we recommend referring to introductory Windows tutorial resources or engaging a computer support professional.

We do not extend support to software versions that are no longer maintained. However, support renewal can be obtained upon request.

Furthermore, we do not provide pro bono answers to questions that are beyond the scope of our products, or arise from your misuse of the Heaventools products.

We reserve the right to limit access to Heaventools support services whenever support services are misused.

Problem Reporting

Problems may be reported on a 24 hours per day, 365 day per year basis, via email or the web-based contact form.

To ensure prompt and effective assistance, please furnish us with as much information as possible. Here's what we recommend including in your report:

Program Details: Provide the program name and version as displayed in the Help|About menu.

Windows Version: Specify your current Windows operating system version.

Issue Description: Elaborate on the issue you're facing, providing comprehensive details. If applicable, consider attaching a screenshot that illustrates the error.

Reproduction Steps: Outline the steps required to replicate the problem.

Sharing Files: Occasionally, resolving complex issues or identifying errors requires a closer look at the file itself. In such instances, we might request that you send us the executable file(s). Please rest assured that any files you share with us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Support Request

Heaventools shall use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to customer's problem reports which can be reproduced on the current versions of Heaventools products. The term "respond" encompasses the following actions: logging and documenting the problem report, continuously endeavoring to provide corrections, workarounds, and/or patches to rectify defects or errors within Heaventools products, or providing an appropriate alternative workaround until the issue is resolved to the contentment of both the customer and Heaventools.


During the maintenance and support period, Heaventools will provide customer with the final production version of any updates and enhancements to their products.

How to Get Technical Support

You can submit your support query either by using the web-based form or via email: support ((at)) heaventools.com

How to Get Non-Technical Help

Our Customer Support team handles all questions related to licensing and any other non-technical issues and requests from customers, such as invoice and billing questions, product update questions, replacement of lost license keys, etc.

Visit our Customer Care Center to find out how to contact the Customer Support.