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PE Explorer Helps Developers Verify Signed Executable Files

Version 1.99 delivers new features and enhancements, including a digital signature viewer, and provides the way to deploy the same builds of the applications on both Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Vancouver, BC, May 15, 2007 – Heaventools Software (www.heaventools.com) announced today the availability of PE Explorer 1.99, the latest release of its software development tool for inspection and editing of Windows executable files. The new PE Explorer release includes a digital signature viewer that enables verifying the signed executables and validating the software publisher's identity. It also adds the ability to mark pre-Vista applications with a requested execution level, providing the way to deploy the same builds of the applications on both Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Though anti-virus software is continually getting better, a significant percentage of malware escapes the automated screening process and manages to enter and wreak havoc on networks. PE Explorer offers an in-depth look at the inner workings of downloaded executable files, and helps software companies determine if a binary is harmful by examining it manually and without relying on the automated scanning engines. The product includes functions for disassembly and inspection of unknown binaries, modification of the properties of executable files, plus customization and translation features. With PE Explorer, software engineers and security specialists can apply a professional approach to research and reverse engineering of binary files.

PE Explorer is an integrated collection of tools that provides a framework for working with EXE, DLL, ActiveX controls, and other executable file formats that run on MS Windows 32-bit platforms. PE Explorer Disassembler helps developers figure out what software that they have no source code for does in a particular feature or function to the degree that they can either modify this code, or reproduce it in another independent work. The built-in resource editor allows companies to adjust software to their own needs and solve Vista install issues. The program uses a wizard-based approach to generating an application manifest which enables a target application to take advantage of the new common control styles and run elevated as an administrator on Windows Vista.

More information on all the features of PE Explorer can be found at:

Availability and Pricing

PE Explorer is immediately available for download and purchase through the heaventools.com website and a network of resellers. PE Explorer costs $129 (US) for a personal license, the single-user business license is $229.95 (US) and includes free technical support, free software updates, and maintenance releases for 12 months from the date of purchase. Volume discounts are available.

PE Explorer runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003 and Vista. A 30-day time-limited trial version can be downloaded free of charge from:

About Heaventools Software

Founded in 2000, Heaventools Software covers a very specialized market and is best known for its award-winning PE Explorer, the leading software product for inspection and reverse engineering of executable files. Heaventools products are the choice of IT professionals worldwide, including Motorola, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, and many other companies, scientific institutes, military units, and government agencies.

For more information on PE Explorer please visit the Heaventools web-site: www.heaventools.com


Product overview: www.heaventools.com/overview.htm
Product screen shots: www.heaventools.com/scrshots.htm
Direct download link: www.heaventools.com/download/pexsetup.exe

Reviewer's guide is available on the web, including electronic versions of product literature and screen shots. The direct link is www.heaventools.com/mediakit.htm
Evaluation copy available on request.

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