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Flexible Hex Editor

Viewing and Editing Really Huge Files

If you are like everyone else, you probably often have to edit huge files. However, most hex editors are simply not adequate to the task, no matter what their authors claim. When they say their products can edit huge files, in many cases this means 4 Gb or even less. Not so with FlexHEX. By really huge file we mean a genuine large file, up to eight exabytes long, a theoretical limit of an NTFS volume using 4K cluster size.

In many current usage scenarios, a 4 GB file-size limitation is unacceptably small. For example, 4 Gb is the file size for approximately 18 minutes of video downloaded from a digital-video recorder. With FlexHex, this is no longer a problem. Simply put, no matter how large your file is, FlexHEX handles it fast and efficiently.

Flex Hex editor handles really huge files

FlexHex enables you to copy and paste a gigabyte large chunk of data in a split of a second. This is significantly faster than the competing hex editors. Once you try FlexHex, we think you will find yourself using it daily in inspecting all sorts of binary data.


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