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Which Program is Best For Your Needs?

To assist you in choosing the Heaventools product with the features that best meet your needs, we have created side-by-side feature comparisons that highlight the differences between our products.

Feature PE Explorer Resource Tuner ResTuner Console
PE Header Viewer
information about the file's headers
Export/Import Viewer
information on exported/imported functions
Win32 Disassembler
reconstructs the assembly language source code
Section Editor
information about sections, their location and size
Dependency Scanner
shows the set of DLLs required to load and run
Digital Signature View
shows the digital signature of an executable file
Strip Tools
remove the debug information and relocations
Resource Editing
edit, save or delete the resources from a file
  Resource Viewer
  Support for 64-bit files
  Unicode support
  Manifest Wizard
  Scripting capabilities
  Command-line interface
serve as extensions, enhancing the functionality
  UPX Unpacker plug-in
  Upack Unpacker plug-in
  NsPack Unpacker plug-in
  more info more info more info
Price from $129 from $49.95 from $199
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PE Explorer is a great help for analyzing what procedures and libraries an executable uses. This product is a complete multi-purpose tool for working with PE files and collecting as much information as possible.

PE Explorer Data Sheet PE Explorer Overview (PDF)

If your focus is on resource editing without requiring the extended functionality of PE Explorer, Resource Tuner is the right product for you. Resource Tuner is available for only $49.95.

Resource Tuner Console (RTC) shares the same underlying technology as Resource Tuner, but it takes it a step further by integrating a powerful resource editor with advanced scripting capabilities. It's specifically designed for software developers aiming to automate their build processes.

Getting Started with Resource Tuner Console Getting Started with Resource Tuner Console (.PDF)


Start Exploring Your Applications Now!

For maximum editing and inspecting power, purchase a PE Explorer Personal license now for $129. The Business license is available for $229.95. When you utilize all the different tools PE Explorer integrates, you will agree that this is definitely an awesome price. PE Explorer is a bargain with its many features! It will save you hours of time and it’s easy to use!