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EurekaLog Exception LoggerEurekaLog is a complete bug resolution tool for Delphi and C++Builder developers that gives your application the power to catch every exception and memory leak, directly on the end user PC, generating a detailed log of the call stack (with file, class, method and line number), optionally sending you a copy of each log entry via email or to a web bug-tracker.

EurekaLog.NET is a C#, VB.NET and Delphi Prism add-in tool that gives your application (WinForms, Console, Web, WPF) the power to catch all exceptions. It generates a detailed log of the call stack at the point that raised the exception, showing file name, class, method and line number, and displays it on screen and optionally sends it back to you via email or to a Web Server.


9rays.net9Rays.Net develops high-quality products for the following platforms: Microsoft. NET (Windows.Forms and ASP.Net), Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, ActiveX. The company's primary product focus is on development of .Net tools and components compatible with Visual Studio .Net, C# Builder, and other IDEs for .Net Framework.

FastReport Software

FastReportFastReport Software builds fast reporting software: applications, libraries and add-ons. The flagship product FastReport utilizes unique programming principles making it one of the best reporting tools for Delphi.

       FastReport VCL works with Borland Delphi 2-7 and Borland C++Builder 1-6. It's written in Object Pascal, and uses the Borland VCL library.

       FastReport CLX edition is the first cross-platform report generator for Delphi & Kylix. With FastReport CLX edition, you can create highly efficient cross-platform reports for Windows and Linux with a minimum of manual coding.


Aha-soft Graphic Tools are the best way to create, edit, find, import and export icons, and manage icon libraries.

Sweetscape 010 Editor

010 Editor is a professional-grade hex editor designed to quickly and easily edit any binary file or drive. View and edit any binary file, hard drive, floppy drive, memory key, flash drive, CD-ROM, process, etc.


FlexHEX binary hex editor - This feature-rich and powerful hex editor for software professionals provides a rich set of navigation and tracking functions for easily browsing binary data.